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"We spend a lot of time just living, not looking at wealth. So we've had help to make a plan, quite simply."


The wealth plan provides knowledge and overview

Your personal wealth plan arises in close cooperation with a team of our specialists. All elements come into play – including savings, investments, pensions, home economics, taxes and, of course, your thoughts on what you want to do with your wealth.

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You get knowledge and an overview, so you can safely make the important decisions for you and your loved ones on a qualified basis

When your focus is for wealth to grow Your wealth consists of many elements that offer many opportunities. We give you an overview and insight, and together we make a plan for how your wealth can grow. Investment is, of course, a key element. So are retirement planning and tax matters. Is your retirement savings placed optimally? Are there tax issues you need to be aware of? We think it all together to give the fortune the best conditions both now and in the future.

When your focus is that wealth needs to be protected Time does not stand still – both opportunities and your life situation are in motion. This changes your wishes and needs. Together we adapt the wealth plan that is the prerequisite for your wealth to always be invested and protected optimally. Are you investing with appropriate risk? How do you best protect yourself from crises that come and go? Have you decided on inheritance and wills – possibly with separate property and special favour? What about a future power of attorney for the family?

When your focus is that the wealth should be spent It is very much about spending the money in the right order. Your wealth must be strong and long-lasting, and you must enjoy the opportunities yourself throughout your life. It is also important to optimize the part of the wealth you plan to pass on to the next generation. We guide you around the rules, laws and options in connection with, among other things, inheritance, wills and gifts to your loved ones. If you are a business owner, we can put extra focus on generational change or selling the company at the right time.

The plan moves with the times

New traders ought to prioritize purchaser support, instructional resources, and account and exchange minimums.

Advice on a personal level

You get a personal advisor who asks about your needs, challenges you and meets you with durable overall solutions. Your advisor is the link to a team of Private Banking Specialists, which works all the way around your finances to give you the best solutions. If needed, we will also work with your lawyer or accountant.

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